fredag 30 november 2007


I kväll tog vi hem jackpot på vårdcentralen. Med tre barn kammade vi hem 3 st halsinfektioner, 2 st öroninflammationer med feber och 1 st dålig mage! För att inte tala om hur mamma mår. I bland tar man sig fram med hjälp av hörntänderna!

Tonight we scored high at the local health care center. With 3 children we managed to get 3 throat infections, 2 ear infections with high fever and 1 bad stomach. Not to mention how mummy is feeling. Sometimes it feels like I hang on with my bare teeth!

2 kommentarer:

The Feathered Nest sa...

Awww, I do hope that you all feel better soon! Nothing's worse than a house full feeling bad. Stay cozy and rest a lot! xxoo, Dawn

Ulla sa...

Goodness, that's not a jackpot one wants often... I hope you all heal soon... Stay warm!