lördag 19 april 2014

Glad Påsk! /Happy Easter!

Jag vill med dessa bilder önska alla en Glad påsk och skön helg!

I wish you all , with these photos, a very Happy Easter and a wonderful Weekend!

Nya kontoret /mediarummet!

The new office / mediaroom!


Victorianska ägg som jag gjort...

Victorian eggs made by me...

Med denna bild från vinterträdgården önskar jag GLAD PÅSK!

With this image from my Wintergarden I wish you a HAPPY EASTER!

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Mary sa...

Sending the happiest Easter greetings to you and your lovely family Liisa. Your home looks beautiful for Glad Pask - hope the sun is shining and it's warming up by now. Here in North Carolina everything is blooming in the garden - today a gentle rain falling which makes it so green and clean!

Enjoy your Easter - may you always be blessed.
Love, Mary

P.S. At last I'll see a tiny part of Sweden (one day in Stockholm) when we take a Baltic cruise in June!! I'm really excited as I've not been to any Scandinavian countries. Just wish we were there longer and could see you!!!