söndag 11 augusti 2013

Sisters of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars....

Work in progress...coming along nicely! Slowly turning from "Three sisters!" to "Sisters of the Sun and the Moon and the Stars" ...Blogger sucks btw. Impossible to write text other than in HTML mode! Seriously thinking about leaving Blogger!! Anyone else having problems??
See you later! Sorry for the layout..can't do anything about it!

2 kommentarer:

Mary sa...

No, not having any problems with Blogger - sorry you are, but your post looks fine.

The flowers are spectacular Liisa - looking forward to seeing this piece completed. I think it's going to be gorgeous.

Hope your late Summer is fine and still warm there, and your family is well.
Hugs - Mary

Anonym sa...

Not having the problems you are having but I have my own special problems with things not working properly with Blogger! The problem is Tyepad costs and WordPress is just to darn confusing, for me anyway :{

I love the painting! Hope your problems resolve themselves without you having to leave Blogger!
Beth P