söndag 1 mars 2009

Vasaloppet A celebration to an early King

I morse vaknade jag med en nybakad hjärtformad tekaka på bröstet! Min lille son hade igår hälsat på sin favoritgranne Ulla och fått hjälpa till att baka. En riktig högaktiv busunge är han men man kan väl inte annat än smälta som smör vid såna här tillfällen!......

This morning I woke up with this heartshaped bread on my chest! My little son had visited his favorite neighbour Ulla yesterday and helped her to bake some bread. He´s such an active inventive little fellow that´s hard to keep up with sometimes but at occasions like this one can´t do anything but melt like butter in the sunshine!....

Dagen kommer jag att tillbringa med radio och TV på från Vasaloppet...Hittills har jag bara åkt loppet från soffan! Kanske en dag att jag skall prova på...flera av mina väninnor har ju gjort det och en av dem åker just nu!

Today is a day I will spend on the couch! With the TV and radio on from the biggest and oldest skievent in Sweden : Vasaloppet Till this day I have only "skied" the race from the couch wathing TV but perhaps I should try it someday...several of my friends have done it and one of my best friends is skiing right now as I write! Puh!...90 km is a loooong way to ski!

Som 15000 skiers on March 1, 2009 on their way up the first hill in the Vasaloppet long distance cross country ski race after the mass start in Berga By, Sweden. The 90 kilometres ski race Vasaloppet from Berga By outside Sälen to Mora is the oldest and biggest long distance cross-country ski race in the world. The race is named after former Swedish King Gustav Vasa who according to the legendary tale in the year 1520 skied the 90 kilometres fleeing from Danish soldiers while raising a Swedish army. The race has been an annual event since 1922 ... (from Getty images)

The king that started it all! Gustav Vasa. Gustav Vasa is on Myspace!

Ta det lugnt! Vi ses!

Take it easy ! I´ll see You soon!

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manon 21 sa...

lovely blog


Unknown sa...

Thanks for sharing about your ski event I would be like you, taking part from the couch

What a lovely surprise from your son with his special bread x

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff sa...

Hi Liisa
I just blogged about my beautiful necklace, sorry about the delay. I also put a link to you in the post.
Thank you again for such a beautiful piece.
Hugs from across the water,

Pam Mattick Art and Stuff sa...

Do you sell your work on etsy or anyplace???

Ottilias Veranda sa...

Thanks Pam!
I have registered an Etsy shop but I haven´t got the time yet to open it...but I plan to do so. I´m working on "creations" for a local art and crafts fair later this year. I will come back and post about that event later.


Lisa sa...

Hi Liisa,
I have a blogger award to pass on to you on my blog!