onsdag 14 april 2010

Jag är publicerad! / I have just been Published!

Jag är publicerad..lalala la laa la!!

I have just been published...lalala la laa la!!

Kolla ,kolla, kolla...lalala la laa la!!

Check this out my dear friends....lalala la laa la!!

Tack min kära Suzi!!.... lalala la laa la!!

Thanks my dearest Suzi!!.....lalala la laa la!!

Den kan köpas HÄR!  ...lalala la laa la!!

You can get it HERE!...lalala la laa la!!

Ha en härlig daag! Vi ses snart igeen!...( Och ut dansar Liisa ..sjungandes...lalala la laa la!! )

Have a lovely daay! I will see You later!...(And off she dances...singing ...lalala la laa la!! )

8 kommentarer:

Debby sa...

Congrats!!! Your art is amazing.

Sea Angels sa...

Hurrah and woopeeee.....and not before time, bet your dancing and i say well deserved!!
I am really pleased and I am smiling big smiles while I type this before dashing out to work, I hope this is just the start of many more....oooh what a god start to the day.
Lots of love and huge hugs Liisa
Lynn xxxx

Lisa sa...

Congratulations Liisa!! This was well deserved...you are a brilliant artist.. I am so happy for you!!!

north pal sa...

oh my Lord! you must be so proud and thrilled. i don't even know much of you and i am proud of your accomplishments. Celebrate!Bestest,Denise

Ottilias Veranda sa...

Thank You all ladies! It was great even if it just was one painting!
I wouldn´t mind more of this stuff!!
Hugs to all!

Anonym sa...
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apinkdreamer sa...

hi! i'm eleni fromgreece and a friend from face book! your blog is fantastic along with your art!!!congratulations on your pubblish!!!i love suzi too!
visit me anytime you want! i love art journaling!!!

linnea-maria sa...

Stort grattis!! Åh dina tavlor är ljuvliga. Vilka ansikten du målar! Kram/Therese