onsdag 26 mars 2008

Drömmar.../ Dreams...

Man måste ha drömmar. Jag tenderar att ha lite för mycket drömmar (du skulle bara veta hur det ser ut i huvet på mig!) Men det är skönt att drömma ....om trädgård t.ex.!
Wisteria är en av mina önskeväxter. Det är bara det att den går inte alls här uppe hos mig. Men kolla bara ....Är den inte fantastisk?

One has to have dreams. I tend to have a little too many dreams though ( Boy, if You could take a peek into my head!) But I enjoy dreaming... about gardening for instance!
Wisteria is one of my favorite plants. But it will not grow this high upp i the north. But look at this.... Is it not to dye for?

Det finns vita och rosa Wisteria också men jag har för mig att de inte blommar lika rikligt som de blå.

There are white and pink Wisteria also but I don´t think that they blossom as much as the blue ones.

Men om jag skulle testa i vinterträdgården kanske?....som här:

But if I was to try to grow it in the orangerie (wintergarden)?...like this:

Ja, jag får väl fortsätta drömma!............

Well, I just have to continue dreaming!...........

Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag! Have a nice day!

Alla wisteriabilder fån div trädgårdshemsidor / All photos of wisteria from various gardenpages on the internet

6 kommentarer:

Lady Em sa...

Wisteria grows like crazy here, along with a ton of spanish moss. They say that where spanish moss doesn't grow in Savannah, it means that that place is haunted. I love wisteria to, it smells kinda funny to me though!! What grows well where you're at?

Sea Angels sa...

Hello Liisa, I love Wisteria, and I love the smell of it too.

How can anyone as artistic and talented as you not dream ? I think dreaming is a wonderful gift,and I find great happyness in dreaming, there are so many things I cannot have, and places we cannot go so ...dreaming comes to the rescue...perfect
Have the most lovely dreams this week.
Lynn xx

Jen Crossley sa...

What a beautiful Wisteria,Love the Little cat very cute

Lisa Boni sa...

I too am a dreamer. Dreams are the bread of life for me. They give us something to hope for and strive toward and an escape from all that is ugly in life.

The Wisteria is so beautiful. Myself, I dream of lush rose arbors and white cotton lace dresses and springtime.

linnea-maria sa...

Ja det kan man ju drömma om i Dalarna. Men det finns magnolior, vackra som går. Zetas har åtm en sort. Har en kompis (i dalarna) som samlar på dem :)
Kissekatten är verkligen jättemysig photoshopad

Anonym sa...

You've got some serious skills - I love your art! And the garden; it's very dream provoking.
Keep dreaming and (excuse the cliché) follow your heart!